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Companies are feeling constant pressure to reduce costs while growing faster. According
to Aberdeen Research, a modern and flexible business management solution can have a significant
impact to your business and bottom line.

The Total Economic Impact of Sage X3

Sage X3 is changing how midsize enterprises compete and grow by offering simpler, faster
and more flexible business management capabilities at a fraction of the cost and complexity of
typical enterprise systems. According to a recent Total Economic Impact (TEI) study by Forrester,
Sage X3 customers can expect a favorable ROI of 177% with total benefits of $1.7M from cost savings over 3 years.

Sage X3 Forrester Report

Let’s break down these numbers

Based on interviews with Sage X3 customers, Forrester developed an TEI framework to identify the
benefits, costs, flexibility and risks associated with an investment in Sage X3, which resulted in the
following financial analysis.

Sage X3 Forrester Report

The payback period was a quick five months

The long-term return of typical ERP investment is no longer an option. Companies need a business
management system that can deliver the quickest ROI possible. Sage X3 customers can expect a
breakeven period of five months.

Sage X3 Forrester Report

Source: The Total Economic Impact TM Of Sage X3, a January 2016 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Sage.

*Based on 50 user licenses and pertains to cloud deployment of Sage X3. For on-premises deployment of Sage X3, the Costs PV is calculated to
be $706,620, or an additional $85,750 over three years, with an expected ROI of 144%.

Sage X3 Forrester Report

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