Sage X3 Version 11 At A Glance – What’s New in the Latest X3 Version

Sage X3 Version 11 At A Glance – What’s New in the Latest X3 Version

In February 2017 Sage released Sage X3 Version 11.

Building on the already strong functional offering and ever-improving web interface, Sage X3 Version 11 delivers several new benefits and improvements to Sage X3 users.

In this post, we are going to take a look at what’s new in the latest version of Sage X3.


  • Updated user interface providing a more intuitive user experience on your device of choice (PC, tablet or smartphone).
  • More mobile apps out of the box and an improved mobile interface.
  • Improved performance of the server and web engines.


  • In Sage X3 Version 11 there is a finer level of control over the revaluation of foreign currency transactions, which can be set by G/L account to be at a transaction or balance level.
  • A new pre-consolidation process to display consolidated balances in real-time.
  • It is now possible to display BP invoice posting in simulation mode, showing the entries that will be created.
  • Sage Intelligence Reporting is available as an integrated financial reporting tool.
  • Improved bank statement import functionality based on the MT940 format that will also create payment entries for charges on the bank statement.  The tools to set up additional formats are provided.
  • Budgets now allow all 9 dimensions, up from three available in PU9 and earlier versions. 


  • Sage have replaced the previous graphical scheduler with a version of Ortems through an OEM agreement.  The new Production Scheduler offers real-time planning and scheduling capabilities in a true multi-user fashion.
  • Version management introduced in PU9 has been extended to include routings.  Major and minor versions can be managed.
  • Shopfloor tracking greatly improves the ease with which actual labour time is recorded against work orders.  A new workbench feature shows the user steps to complete and gives access to functions to clock in/out and record breaks, amongst others.


  • Shipment tracking and costing capabilities have received a significant boost and includes features such as visibility of container capacity, document tracking, defining steps users need to complete and calculating the product cost from the shipment.
  • It is now possible to have multiple users count the same product at the same time.
  • The workflow associated with approving documents, e.g. purchase orders, has been enhanced to make it easier for the approver to view the relevant detail and approve or reject the document.

Project Management

Aimed at project-based organisations in the manufacturing and services industries, the Project Management module is fully integrated with links to projects in quotes, sales orders, purchase orders, work orders and MRP.

  • Work breakdown structures can be captured allowing for resource or material consumption.
  • Sold products defined on the project provides a link to sales order lines.
  • Projects can be copied, making it easier to set up a new project if you have done something similar before.
  • Manage the financial aspect through comparing actual costs with budgeted figures.
  • Time entry for tracking actual hours consumed.

Integrations and Industry solutions

New integrations have been added.

  • Sage X3 eCommerce – could-base web store with integration into X3 based on XM Symphony.
  • Sage Data Management and Analytics (SDMA) – a rich BI and data modelling solution embedded in X3 with pre-built cubes and access to external sources (this ZAP BI delivered in Sage X3).
  • Sage X3 Construction – “… a completely modern, mobile-first, data-driven business management platform built from the ground up by construction pros, for construction pros”.


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